‘I am enough’


In a world where we’re all born from the same shell, there lies a timeless tale of the Jade Pearl. You, the radiant pearl, embody wisdom, success, and inner beauty. Yet, your journey is entwined with the clam – society, limiting beliefs, the confines of the mind. While born from its grip, its tentacles seek to ensnare, to confine your essence. But remember, you are more than its grasp. You are enough. Let jade be your beacon, your lucky charm, guiding you to embrace your true self, to let the pearl within shine.

Explore the heart of our artistic expression with ‘I Am Enough,’ where each garment serves as a tangible representation of the layers, the translucency, and the hard work involved in developing the mind, the self, and the artist that is you. This collection is directly inspired by the profound ‘I am Enough’ art piece, which is inspired by the crystal 'citrine'. The energy of abundance, wealth, success, joy and creativity. Life’s intricate layers come to life through the translucent layers, symbolising the rewiring of the mind towards the empowering concept of being ‘enough’ and ‘good enough.’

Just as each layer of fabric contributes to the garment’s structure, each layer in the ‘I Am Enough’ art piece represents the challenges, breakthroughs, and abstract markings on the journey towards self-realisation. The deliberate use of colour therapy/theory, enhances this experience, infusing carefully selected hues to uplift and trigger the profound realisation – ‘you are enough.’

Embrace the beauty of translucency, celebrate resilience, and acknowledge inherent worth with our collection. ‘I Am Enough’ is not just an ensemble; it’s a wearable piece of art that mirrors the unique journey of the mind, the self, and the artist within.