The artist

As a creative/art director, designer, artist, and model, Jade Pearl pioneers a new design language in fashion and art. Inspired by her own life experiences, she uses art and holistic practices as tools to uplift her spirit. Jade began her journey with the creation of the brand FORESEA, stemming from her graduate collection inspired by ocean waste and beneficial material properties. This venture gained recognition, being showcased at WWD.

Building on this early success, Jade embarked on a new chapter, giving birth to Jade Pearl. This reimagined brand reflects not only her profound connection with color, mindful materials, and daily declarations but also encapsulates a deeper understanding of life. With more life experiences, depth, and wisdom, Jade Pearl has evolved into a brand that goes beyond aesthetics, offering a holistic approach to fashion that resonates with a diverse audience.

Jade, a graduate with first-class honors from the University of Arts, London, has grown to be recognised as an established abstract expressionist artist. Her dynamic illustrative style and colorful artistic compositions have led to collaborations with esteemed brands and personalities.

Striving for more creative ways to promote everyday wellness, Jade delivers fashion collections that explore the practice of dress through elements of color therapy and declarations. The unmistakable signature of Jade Pearl offers a new perspective into the daily ritual of dressing, shaped by a journey that began with FORESEA and evolved into the vibrant tapestry of Jade Pearl.