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About Jade Pearl

Jade Pearl is the embodiment of fashion as an art form, brought to life by the visionary brushstrokes of abstract expressionist Jade Pearl herself. Our collections are a harmonious fusion of the therapeutic qualities of color and the empowering force of affirmations. We're dedicated to transforming the act of dressing into a captivating, emotionally charged ritual. Join us in the inspiring journey of #thezigzagmovement.


At Jade Pearl, our artistic philosophy is deeply rooted in chromotherapy and the transformative nature of affirmations. We craft emotional narratives through color, texture, and expression, inviting you to embrace the poetic #thezigzagmovement,

through the journey of empowerment.

The Artist

Jade Pearl, a luminary in the realm of creative expression, seamlessly blends her roles as an artist, designer, and model. A distinguished graduate of the renowned University of Arts, London, her personal journey has led to unique collaborations with celebrities and well-renowned brands. Through her creations, she paints a canvas of everyday well-being.



Jade Pearl's legacy is a testament to the fusion of fashion and art, with a commitment to mindful luxury. We strive to be sustainability and ethical driven, aiming to elevate your style and empower you to become the 'art'. The greatest paths start from a blank canvas.

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